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How technology could fuel the counterfeit clothing market

Posted by Peter Needle

13-Jul-2015 09:00:00

"The world is moving How technology could fuel the counterfeit clothing marketincredibly fast. If the internal clock of the retailer isn't moving as fast as the external clock, they're losing." That was the message from the head of retail at Google UK, Jamie Murray Wells, to the Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry (ASBCI) late last year.

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Grey market apparel: The scale of the problem

Posted by Peter Needle

07-Aug-2014 13:57:00

grey-market-in-fashion-the-scale-of-the-problemToday’s fashion industry is highly competitive, so brand protection is a key concern for companies who wish to survive in this tough environment. However, there’s one brand threat not driven by their competition: the sale of their own products through the bootleg clothing market.

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Topics: ethical sourcing, supply chain transparency, counterfeit clothing

Does ethical supply chain management bolster brand protection?

Posted by Peter Needle

04-Dec-2013 14:47:00

Counterfeiting and brand imitation are growing Retailers can protect their brand with ethical supply chain managementproblems for the fashion industry. Despite evidence that consumers are becoming increasingly ethically minded, the pressure on disposable incomes has made cheap versions of luxury items too tempting for many people.

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Topics: supply chain management, counterfeit clothing