Full Stack Developer

Interested in being a full stack developer?

Segura was originally founded in 2012, with the aim to combine digital expertise with detailed knowledge of global supply chains in order to create a simple-to-use business solution. Today, the business operates from a central London office, with a technology and operations headquarters based on Loughborough University’s fast-growing Science and Enterprise Park.

Technology and innovation are core to Segura’s mission. Without them, we would stand little chance of helping our customers to reduce the impact of their supply chains on the world and improving the lives of the people who work in the factories that produce their goods. However, while technology is a great enabler of change, it's the people who drive that change through. I am really proud to work with great people in the businesses that we support. I am even more proud of the superb team of people we have here at Segura. They strive each day to deliver world-class solutions to meet today’s growing challenges and are a true inspiration.

Peter Needle, Segura CEO

Segura works with some of the biggest names on the UK high-street and with more than 6,000 factories in 80 countries across the globe.

Segura’s full stack developers are responsible for improving the codebase for our products and will require a detailed knowledge of PHP, as well as experience with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Responsive Design. You will be part of a team who are responsible for the development and maintenance of software from start to finish. If you’re driven, with a keen interest in software development, meeting objectives and a passion for innovation, then we could be the place for you.

At Segura, we’re an innovative software provider, passionate about enabling businesses to create transparent, ethical and sustainable supply chains. Like technology itself, life in our world is always changing; so we strive to stay fresh, sharp and ahead of the curve. Whatever your role in the company, we’ll invest in you and your future. Our approach is based on the simple belief that high performance, at any level – deserves to be recognised and rewarded.

core duties & responsibilities

You will be responsible for system development and implementation. You will develop, write and implement well-structured code. The ability to build efficient PHP modules is a key requirement. You will assist in the architecture of systems and applications and will be instrumental in developing new features within our proprietary software here at Segura. You will need excellent communication skills and be a team player. We expect you to be an integral member of the development team, offering ideas and opinions.

what we're looking for

  • Ability to work within a team
  • Expertise with PHP, JavaScript (Native and frameworks), MySQL
  • Familiarity with Git, Docker
  • Excellent attention to detail with a strong analytical and technical mindset
  • Genuine interest in software technology
  • Experience with AWS or similar cloud platforms

additional extras

  • Good understanding of OOP Programming and Design patterns.
  • Familiarity with Redis
  • Experience with Linux, AWS and cloud-based hosting platforms
  • Knowledge of best practices (SOLID, PSR standards, Code guidelines)
  • Experience with unit testing with PHP unit (TDD)
  • Working to PSR standards

Career ladder 2-01